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SAP Business One

Framed in the SAP Extended Business Program, Ayla Diseño y Tecnología has been named SAP Extended Business Partner, focusing its area of action in Castilla La Mancha and Corredor del Henares.

With this agreement Ayla opens a new line of business based on consulting and implementation of the SAP Business One product, focused on mid-sized companies.

SAP Software

It is affordable for small and medium-sized businesses and can help you become an optimally managed company.

Adjustable to your company
Each company is unique, and that's why we offer a complete portfolio of business and business intelligence solutions designed to fit your business, as well as your budget.

Icono Comercial Soluciones A Medida2 A safe value
Each solution we offer is based on best practices learned from more than 35 years of SAP experience working with optimally managed companies.

Solucion Completa Complete solutions
They offer variety and quality of functionalities necessary to manage your businesses; Easy to use, allowing rapid adoption with little training; And flexible, that can scale and adapt as your business grows.

"The Choice of more than 64,000 small and medium-sized enterprises"

Easy to implement and maintain

From affordable on-premise solutions to on-demand, monthly subscription solutions, SAP and our extensive network of qualified SAP partners can deploy our solutions in just a few weeks.

We will work with you every step of the way, before and after start-up, to ensure that the implementation is a success.

SAP Business One includes

Complete functionalities integrated with Software Management.

Financial Management

To automate, integrate and manage all financial and accounting processes.

Warehouse and Production Management

To manage inventory in multiple warehouses, keep track of stock movements and manage manufacturing orders that are based on material planning requirements.

Customer Relationship Management

To increase the profitability of the customer and their satisfaction with effective sales, opportunities management and after-sales service.


To automate the whole provisioning process, from the start of the order until the payment of the supplier invoice.

Report management

To act on the basis of instant and complete information provided by comprehensive and timely reports.

With a SAP Business One solution

You will improve the effectiveness of the end result: Because you centralize and integrate all your business data - from sales, inventory, purchasing, operations and finance - into a single system, eliminating redundant data entry, errors and costs.

It gathers your business information into a single data source so you can break down complete and up-to-date information immediately, and your employees can quickly react to customer needs and have more power to make decisions.

You will get a great profitability because it will be launched and will work with a single application in six or eight weeks. The intuitive user experience minimizes user training and reduces the cost of ongoing IT support.

It will support your ever-changing needs thanks to ease-of-use customization tools.

"Optimizes operations from start to finish, so you can focus on making your business more profitable"